Come Along With Us

Here’s the deal.

9 states in 22 days!!

We have twins, Carter and Jackson, who are 4 years old and then there’s Everett who is 2 years old. They have endless energy and are each other’s worst enemy best friends.

oak island

This will be our second time camping with the boys with our trial run having been about 2 months ago. We are less than a week away from embarking on, what we hope is, a memorable and exciting 3 weeks of road-tripping, tent-camping and memory-making. Fingers crossed!!

During this trip we will be experiencing the beautiful scenery of Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.

We will be staying at state parks with some hotel stays mixed in to give ourselves a reprieve from setting up and tearing down our campsite. Also, sleeping on anything but an air mattress will probably be nice as well.



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