Dreaming about Summer 2018

Planning already? For this coming summer? That’s exactly right. Our goal for this summer’s trip is to be ahead of the game. Before diving into the preliminary details for summer 2018, I wanted to share some final thoughts about our summer 2017.

Here are some things the boys remember most about this past summer’s trip.


  • Swimming in the hotel swimming pool
  • Big sand dunes that were so high
  • Liked seeing the Indiana race cars


  • Throwing rocks in Lake Michigan
  • Indiana race track
  • Seeing the hotels and their breakfast areas


  • Playing in the sand
  • Going to the golf course
  • Going bowling

Things Shannon and I remember most.


  • Roar of high falls on the USA/Canada border in Minnesota
  • Incredible views at Sleeping Bear Dunes


  • Putting our feet in each great lake
  • Adorable harbor towns – South Haven was her favorite
  • Split Rock lighthouse
  • Tahquamenon Falls
  • High falls at Grand Portage

I have also recently posted some of our videos to YouTube. Here are the links:

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Waterfalls on Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior

Lake Huron at sunset

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

One of the things we learned from this past summer’s trip was that many of the coveted camping locations were already booked when we started planning. Many of these places can be booked six months in advance. The tricky thing about booking that far in advance is, you need to know where you want to stay, how long you will be staying and when you will be staying. You can’t just say, “Okay, I know we want to go to this area and this campground gets booked up really fast, so let’s go ahead and book a site”. Basically, you need a rough draft of what the trip will look like before you can start booking.

We started the planning process at the beginning of December. Basically, we already have two months of planning and research under our belts. We have the first three weeks of the trip roughly planned out and have booked hotels and campsites accordingly. We are estimating we will need a couple more weeks to finish out the trip.

I like coming up with catchy trip names for our summer excursions. This past summer’s trip was The Great Great Lakes Trips. The current frontrunner for our summer 2018 trip is The Maine Event. I have no clue if you’re supposed to use italics for trip names, but I went for it anyways!! That title is subject to change and we welcome any suggestions you might have.

Here’s what we know we want to do on this trip.

  • Experience the Maine coastline.
  • Spend some meaningful time in New Hampshire and Vermont
  • See Niagara Falls
  • Take the boys into Canada

Boy oh boy, has #4 on that list taken on a life of its own. Initially, we were planning to spend time in Ontario around Niagara Falls. We still plan to do that but have now added three or four days in the provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. It just came down to the fact that we might not ever be that far north again and didn’t want to miss out on seeing what those provinces have to offer. We are very excited about those additions to our trip and more details will follow!

If you have been to this part of the country and would like to offer some suggestions, that would be great. We are probably looking at spending close to 5 weeks on this trip.

It might be kind of weird to already be excited about something that is still 4 months away, but we definitely are.

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