The Ramseys Went Down to Georgia

This summer we decided to take things a little slower than the last two. We have spent a good portion of our time off from school making improvements around our home.

We still wanted to get away, at least for a short time, and check off another state for the boys. We chose Georgia!!!


We have always heard good things about the mountains of Georgia. We decided to check them out for ourselves. First stop – Tallulah Gorge State Park.

Tallulah Gorge was a modest, five and a half hour trip from our home in Virginia. We paid a very small fee ($5) at the gate and were ready to explore.

Our first stop was the visitor center, where we picked up a park map and a bottle of water. The first part of the trail was very easy as it was mostly flat and we were walking on recycled tires.


Within minutes we arrived at the main gorge/waterfall overlook.

At this point we had to make a decision. There is a neat suspension bridge that crosses over Hurricane Falls. The only catch is, that bridge is 375 steps down. Which also means, you guessed it, 375 steps back up, in the heat.

It was a no brainer. Here are the boys looking all optimistic about going down the steps!!


I would say for me, at least, by step 150 my legs started to feel a little shaky. That wasn’t even halfway down. I guess we’re just not used to going down 15 flights of steps consecutively.

We did make it down to the suspension bridge and it was quite the experience. There was a waterfall on either side of the bridge and the views down in the gorge were beautiful!


Here’s a video of what it was like down there. I will say, we could definitely feel the bridge moving as we walked across it.

Tallulah Gorge Suspension Bridge

We spent 15 minutes down near the bridge and began our trek back to the top. After many stops and frequent crying (mostly from the grown ups) we made it back to the visitor center.

Next stop for us was Helen, GA.




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