Sioux Falls, South Dakota

We had a full day of outdoor activities planned for our only full day in Sioux Falls, but the forecasted rain forced us to call an audible.

We decided to visit Falls Park the evening we arrived in Sioux Falls. It was one of the top rated places to visit in the area and it didn’t disappoint.

Per the usual, the boys found rock-hopping to be their favorite activity. Haha!

The following day did bring some rain, so we opted for the Washington Pavilion Science Center. It was recommended to us by the ladies working at the Falls Park Visitor center.

With three stories of interactive and hands-on exhibits our boys didn’t ever want to leave.

After a couple hours of down time back at our lodging, the weather had improved and we made the short drive to Palisades State Park.

We hiked a couple of the scenic routes through the park and really enjoyed the large Sioux quartzite rocks towering 50 feet over Split Rock Creek.

Next up for us are the Badlands, Mount Rushmore and much more in southwest South Dakota.

5 thoughts on “Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  1. If you are within driving distance of Bozeman, MT there is an awesome museum there…Museum of the Rockies. Lots of dinosaur bones and many interesting exhibits! Love following your adventures. Safe travels!

    Sheila Turner

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  2. Jeremy, I am loving your post and pictures. I started reading from the beginning when you were packing for 3 kids. One thing my son learned packing for scout trips is to roll your clothes. It takes up less room. I thought he was crazy but, it actually is true. Second, after taking many pictures of the Jamison of 5 also, is have your family stand closer to the person taking the picture when you have a big “scene” you want to get all in the frame. Like your arch picture. Get the Arch in the picture then have your family stand closer to you. I hope that makes sense. Safe travels and enjoy your out West trip.


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