Wrapping Up the Rocky Road Trip

We had a couple days planned in Nebraska after leaving Rocky Mountain National Park.

First up was Scotts Bluff National Monument in none other than Scottsbluff, Nebraska!

We knew this was one of the top places to visit in Nebraska, but that was pretty much it. We were surprised to learn it was part of the Oregon Trail.

We were able to walk on a portion of the old Oregon Trail!!

There is also a road that takes you to the top of Scotts Bluff! It was a short drive with rewarding views at the top. There are two overlook trails. We chose the shorter trail that was only 1/8th of a mile.

We would definitely say that Scotts Bluff National Monument exceeded our expectations!! If you’re looking for a place to visit in western Nebraska, this is it!

Next up was a short drive to the town of Alliance to visit Carhenge. Shannon and I had already visited the Cadillac Ranch just west of Amarillo, Texas, so naturally we needed to go see a replica of Stonehenge made out of cars!!

It is legitimately a to-scale replica of Stonehenge. It was a neat stop for sure!

The next day we really started to make some progress back east and crossed into the Central Time Zone.

Our first stop was at the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles in Lexington.

The Big Apple Fun Center in Kearney was our last stop in Nebraska for the day. The boys finally got to play some mini golf and it was a blacklight course!

After checking out of our hotel in York, Nebraska we made a quick stop at the Marble Museum, which was just down the road. The boys love marbles so we figured they would enjoy a museum full of marbles.

They had marbles made overseas. Marbles with uranium that would glow under a black light. Marbles with designs in them. It was pretty cool!

Our main stop for the day was going to be the Kansas City Chiefs stadium but a Kenny Chesney concert ruined those plans. We opted for a neat playground in Kansas City instead.

After a night in Sweet Springs, Missouri we continued east. The only stops we made were at two card shops where the boys got to pick out a couple sports cards.

We drove through Illinois (which still has high gas prices) and then through Indiana, where we crossed over into the Eastern Time Zone. We spent the night just east of Louisville, Kentucky.

We were able to watch a few fireworks from our hotel window since they were keeping the boys awake anyways. Haha!

Our last day was around 7 hours on the road. We made a quick stop in Bluefield to show the boys where I went to college.

After over 9,000 miles, we were finally home!!

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