The Rocky Road Trip Eve

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is THE DAY!

We are making our final preparations and double-checking our packing list to make sure we haven’t overlooked something essential. We feel pretty good about the space still available in our van, which also makes us nervous that we are forgetting something.

Shannon spent numerous hours choosing outfits for the boys and getting everything organized.

Our goal was to only have to do laundry every 12 days. That would mean doing laundry a total of 2 times on this trip. We will also be dealing with temperatures ranging from the upper 20’s to 90 at different times.

Preparing for such a wide range of temperatures presented even more challenges.

How many jackets do we pack? How many pairs of shorts as opposed to pants? It’s tricky to find the right combination of packing what we need without packing too much. Space is such a premium!

We are trying something new, on this trip, that we hope will make getting in and out of hotels much easier.

All our clothes will be stored in these plastic containers.

Checking in and out of hotels can be a lot of work. We will be only taking in the clothes we need for however long we are at each hotel. The goal would be to not have to carry in full bags of clothes every stop we make.

We don’t know exactly how effective this strategy will be, but we’re going to give it our best effort.

Let’s go make some memories!!

6 thoughts on “The Rocky Road Trip Eve

  1. Jeremy we found packing cubes to be very efficient. Pack what need for the night in a cube and carry it inside. Nights we stayed extra carry in suitcase and restock cubes. I like your idea also.


  2. I’m so excited about this trip, especially since I didn’t have to pack anything to take with me. 😆 Let’s hit the road & let the fun begin!


  3. What an adventure for you all!! Be safe and make memories- prayers for your trip – can’t Wait to read all the posts.
    I may have missed it but are you camping and staying in motels??


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